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What Is Ninjas Vs Demons?

Ninjas vs Demons is a 2D co-op action adventure game, featuring 10 unique worlds, 12 playable ninjas, and 50+ weapons to choose from!

Ninjas Vs Demons Characters

Ninjas vs Demons is a 2D side scrolling 4 player co-op  action adventure game for PC and soon to a console near you:

  • Featuring 10 unique worlds, each with over 10 playable levels, special world Bosses, and level specific enemy’s!

  • 10 unlock able playable characters, each with their own unique game play mechanics, and magic spells!

  • Over 50 unique weapons to choose from!

  • A robust leveling system and magic spell upgrading system.

  • Multiple paths to explore, providing the player with different ways to beat the game!

  • Special Ninja items that will allow the player to traverse each world in different and exciting ways!

Check Out The Enemy Demons on this 2D co-op action adventure!

Ninjas Vs Demons Demons